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Begriffsrelativitt Im Strafrecht Und Das Grundgesetz - Social Welfare 18501950 - Economic Theory Of Multinational Enterprises - Dickens In Search Of Himself - The Global Ethnopolis - Re-making Communication At Work - Blakes Night Thoughts - How Power Corrupts - Ezra Pound And America - Trade Negotiations In Latin America - Ethnographies Of Prostitution In Contemporary China - Ethics In Investment Banking - Dean Acheson And The Making Of Us Foreign Policy - Understanding Media Policies - Development Strategies In East Asia And Latin America - Spirituality And The Ethics Of Torture - The Partition Of Korea After World War Ii - The Development Of Grammar In Spanish And The Romance Languages - Masculinity Meditation And Mental Health - Investigating Victorian Journalism - Political Resurrection In The Twentieth Century - Western Use Of Coercive Diplomacy After The Cold War - A Theory Of The Producer-consumer Household - Media Talk And Political Elections In Europe And America - The Role Of Business Ethics In Economic Performance - 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Confronting Company Politics - Twelve Contemporary Economists - Schooling In Decline - Political Communications - George Iii - Neoliberalism And Institutional Reform In East Asia - Before Marx Socialism And Communism In France 183048 - Contemporary Paganism - Despine And The Evolution Of Psychology - Buddhist Revival In India - The Sacred In Twentieth-century Politics - Culture And Gender In Leadership - Wilsonianism - Outrage Art Controversy And Society - Shared Entrepreneurship - Democracy Against Neoliberalism In Argentina And Brazil - The Redefinition Of Conservatism - Body Language In Business - Protestant Identity And Peace In Northern Ireland - Calculating The Human - The European Unions Mediterranean Policy Model Or Muddle - Frontiers Of The European Union - Climate Justice - Educating Israel - Dracula And The Eastern Question - Master-servant Childhood - One Money For Europe - Womens Literary Creativity And The Female Body - The Challenges Of Ethno-nationalism - The Principles And Practice Of Hairdressing - 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The Female Hero In English Renaissance Tragedy - The Moral Geographies Of Children Young People And Food - Governance Theory And Practice - Policy-making In The Treasury - American Education Democracy And The Second World War - The Politics Of British Defence 197998 - The New World Order - The Spectral Metaphor - Technical Innovation And British Economic Performance - At The Crossroads Of Post-communist Modernisation - Progress-driven Entrepreneurs Private Equity Finance And Regulatory Issues - Graham Greene - Rewriting American Identity In The Fiction And Memoirs Of Isabel Allende - Chaucer The Poet As Storyteller - Transgender China - Eliot Auden Lowell - A Handbook Of Verification Procedures - Sir James Frazer And The Literary Imagination - Tax Evasion And The Black Economy - The Female Leadership Paradox - Tattoos In American Visual Culture - Incentives For Regional Development - Ageing Narrative And Identity - Competition Policy Profitability And Growth - Space And Time - Saint-simonians In Nineteenth-century France - Structured Creativity - Lacan And The Concept Of The Real - The Burdensharing Debate - A Political Romance - Metaphor And Political Discourse - New Defence Strategies For The 1990s - Chinese Communists And Hong Kong Capitalists - Governing Without A Majority - Unconformities In Shakespeare History Plays - Comparative Politics And Government Of The Baltic States - Britain And The Congo Crisis 196063 - Educating Of Armies - Womens Theatre Writing In Victorian Britain - The Core Of Care Ethics - Atlas Of Head And Neck Endocrine Disorders - The Passage Of Nature - Economy And Society In Baroque Portugal 16681703 - Love Friendship And Faith In Europe 1300-1800 - Teaching Literature - Ethnic Interest Groups In Us Foreign Policy-making - Placing The Modern Chinese Vernacular In Transnational Literature - The Dynamics Of The Wealth Of Nations - Advent Of War 1939-40 - Spivak And Postcolonialism - For The Betterment Of The Race - Animal Models Of Obesity - Myths Of Power - Coffee And Democracy In Costa Rica - Music Radio And The Public Sphere - Philip Larkin The Man And His Work - Struggles In Southern Africa For Survival And Equality - Twilight Of Capitalism - Transitions In Domestic Consumption And Family Life In The Modern Middle East - Sheridan - Jury State And Society In Medieval England - Subregionalism And World Order - Migration And Mobility - Inward Investment Business Finance And Regional Development - Leisure For Leisure - Congestion Charging In London - Social Relations In Human And Societal Development - Nationalism And Desire In Early Historical Fiction - Smart Cinema Dvd Add-ons And New Audience Pleasures - Jewish Christian And Islamic Mystical Perspectives On The Love Of God - Women And Political Insurgency - Reviews On Immunoassay Technology - Japanese Financial Growth - Living With The European Union - Media Myth And Terrorism - French Women Novelists Defining A Female Style - Federalism And Decentralization In European Health And Social Care - Gulf Economies In Transition - 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What Environmentalists Need To Know About Economics - Preventing Ideological Violence - Industrial Productivity - The Intent Of Business - Discourses Of Freedom Of Speech - Rethinking The Femme Fatale In Film Noir - Race Relations In South Africa 1929-1979 - Nations Against The State - Trollope Centenary Essays - The New Frontiers For Business Analysis - Mississippi Harmony - Eastern Europe And The West - Jane Austen - The Handbook Of Leadership And Professional Learning Communities - What Is Radical Politics Today - The Japanese Economy And The Way Forward - Liberalism And The Defence Of Political Constructivism - Nachhaltigkeit In Der Ffentlichen Beschaffung - Financial Liberalization And Economic Performance In Emerging Countries - Alexander Zinoviev As Writer And Thinker - Positive And Normative Analysis In International Economics - The Changing Global Context Of International Business - China As A Nuclear Power In World Politics - A Study Of Chinas Foreign Aid - Contemporary Kantian Metaphysics - 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London Politics 1760-1914 - Adam Smiths Lost Legacy - Responding To Margaret Thatchers Death - Classic Papers In Natural Resource Economics - The Indigenous Space And Marginalized Peoples In The United Nations - Caf© Society - Comparative Genetic Toxicology - Brian Friel - Chemotherapeutic Strategy - Globalization Europeanization And The End Of Scandinavian Social Democracy - The Money Trap - Unemployment And Primary Commodity Prices - Monetary Targets - Beyond Inclusion - The Tabloid Terrorist - Managing Manufacturing Operations - Sociology Of Education Today - The Re-emergence Of Global Finance - Systems Thinking From Heresy To Practice - Microfinance In Developing Countries - Theatrical Improvisation Consciousness And Cognition - American Jewry And The Oslo Years - Modernism And Morality - The Gendering Of Global Finance - World Crisis And British Decline 1929-56 - The Poetic Economists Of England And Ireland 1912-2000 - Eastwest Trade And The Gatt System - This Is Only A Test - Educational Innovators - The Golden Bough - Disorganized Crimes - Forming A Culture Of Peace - The Wartime Diaries Of Lionel Robbins And James Meade 194345 - Economic Development In The Context Of China - Western Energy Policy - Women Pioneers Of Public Education - The Criminal Act - Exile To Siberia 1590-1822 - Architectural And Social History Of Cooperative Living - Poverty And The Transition To A Market Economy In Mongolia - Multiplicity Embodiment And The Contemporary Dancer - Magyar Women - The Nature Of Intractable Conflict - Money And Employment - Europe At The Dawn Of The Millennium - Star Trek - From School To Unemployment - Independence And Deterrence - The Latinoa Canon And The Emergence Of Post-sixties Literature - The Managerial Implications Of Microelectronics - Aldous Huxley And The Mysticism Of Science - Turkey And The European Union - Epistemologies Of African Conflicts - Constituent Power And Constitutional Order - Degradation Rituals - Reading Womens Worlds From Christine De Pizan To Doris Lessing - Economics And Marxism - Women And Low Pay - Political Organization In Nigeria Since The Late Stone Age - Management Accounting Organizational Theory And Capital Budgeting 3surveys - Helmuth Von Moltke - Erotic Memoirs And Postfeminism - The Peculiar Economics Of Ncaa Basketball - Craft Of Literary Biography - Sociology And The Worlds Religions - Labour Productivity And Flexibility - Historical Tables 58 Bc-ad1972 - Money And The Real World - Sustainable Success With Stakeholders - Business Driven Action Learning - Japan Agro-food Sector - Affective Disorder And The Writing Life - A History Of Franco-german Relations In Europe - Mixed Economy - Plutonium And Security - Young Peoples Educational Careers In England And Germany - Macmillan Directory Of Uk Business Information Sources - Dictionary Of Information Technology - Determinants Of Innovative Behaviour - The United States China And Southeast Asian Security - Options For Risk-free Portfolios - Sudan Divided - Constructions Of Remembering And Metacognition - Modern Macroeconomics - Historical Tables 10th Edn - Confucianism And Modernisation - Policy And Political Theory In Trade Practice - England Mission - Tax Policy In The Nordic Countries - The Rise Of The Office Clerk In Literary Culture 1880-1939 - Commercial Bank Lending And Third World Debt - Presbyterians In Ireland - The Control Of Work - The Fragmentation Of Yugoslavia - Kantianism Liberalism And Feminism - Were Losing Our Minds - Contemporary Debates In Holocaust Education - American Conception Of Neutrality After 1941 - The Chilean Labor Market - British Nationalisation 19451973 - Collected Works - Ovarian Cancer In Elderly Patients - Quantitative Trading With R - Rs Thomas - Refiguring Theological Hermeneutics - Mobility Sociability And Well-being Of Urban Living - Community Media - Manias Panics And Crashes - Literature And Personal Values - A Womans Place Is In The Boardroom The Roadmap - The Male Image - Biomass - Coleridge Political Thought - Domestic Servants In Literature And Testimony In Brazil 1889-1999 - 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Morals And Markets - Sraffa And The Reconstruction Of Economic Theory Volume Three - Beginning Css Preprocessors - European Anti-discrimination And The Politics Of Citizenship - Framing Citizen Participation - A Global History Of Anti-slavery Politics In The Nineteenth Century - Exploring Knowledge-intensive Business Services - Re Joyce - Occupations Of The People Of Great Britain 1801-1981 - Peace-building And Development In Guatemala And Northern Ireland - Psychologization And The Subject Of Late Modernity - Drug Misuse And The Law - The Talented Manager - Margaret Atwood Writing And Subjectivity - Russian Studies Of Japan - A Japanese Reconstruction Of Marxist Theory - Business Logic For Sustainability - Death In Classic And Contemporary Film - Being American On The Edge - Global Strategies And Local Realities - Finnish-soviet Economic Relations - Kierkegaard On Politics - Happiness - D H Lawrence In The Modern World - Global Anti-unionism - Exchange Rate Regimes - The Jewish Woman In Contemporary Society - 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Language And The Origins Of Psychoanalysis - Body Nation And Narrative In The Americas - Ireland Slavery And Anti-slavery 1612-1865 - Process Of Political Succession - Hobbes Realism And The Tradition Of International Law - Macmillan Dictionary Of Production Technology And Management - Customer Sense - Karl Marx And Contemporary Philosophy - Scarlet Letters - European Portugal - Marxism And The Leninist Revolutionary Model - Nuclear Non-proliferation In International Law - Privilege Agency And Affect - State Economy And Society In Post-military Nigeria - Strategic Organizational Change - The Home Front In Britain - Determined Women - Clout - Meaning In The Age Of Social Media - Party Government And Political Culture In Western Germany - Longevity And The Good Life - Social Economies Of Fear And Desire - Norbert Elias And Empirical Research - Development Economics And Policy - Legal Control Of The Private Military Corporation - Race Ethnicity And Publishing In America - People And Their Pasts - 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Forecasts For The World Rubber Economy To The Year 2000 - The Theory Of Implementation Of Socially Optimal Decisions In Economics - The Politics Of Women Health Care In The United States - Political Change And Consolidation - Sociometric Research Vol1 Data Collection And Scaling - The Failure Of The Heath Government - Asia And Europe In The New Global System - Milton And Modernity - Introduction To The Theory Of Employment - Wordsworths Bardic Vocation 1787-1842 - Think Strategically - Citizenship - Mystery In Childrens Literature - International Volunteer Tourism - A History Of Foreign Students In Britain - Competition And Markets - Exchange Rate Alignments - The Strategy And Performance Of British Industry 197080 - The Post Great Recession Us Economy - The Legacy Of A Freedom School - Abandoning American Neutrality - How To Handle Problem Loans - The Attention Complex - Rational Choice Marxism - The Postmodern Fairytale - Experiences Of Emerging Economy Firms - Christianity Amidst Apartheid - Green Politics And Neoliberalism - Mythical Inspirations For Organizational Realities - Mozambique - Darwinian Fitness In The Global Marketplace - Directory Of Economic Institutions - Anatomising Embodiment And Organisation Theory - Gender And Allegory In Transamerican Fiction And Performance - Nationalist Politics In Europe - Kompendium Kinderhmatologie - The Politics Of Aids - Navies In Violent Peace - Authorial Stance In Research Articles - East Asian Conflict Zones - Plays Of Max Frisch - After The Cold War - Feminine Engendered Faith - The Spanish Economy 19591976 - Wise Growth Strategies In Leading Family Businesses - Housing East Asia - Migrant Women - French And Us Approaches To Foreign Policy - Improving International Competition Order - How Can You Represent Those People - Soldiers At Peace - Information Social Relations And The Economics Of High Technology - The Evolution Of Modern Economic Theory - Imagining The Real - The Lion And The Lamb - The Irish Question As A Problem In British Foreign Policy 191418 - The Rise Of Economic Societies In The Eighteenth Century - Satire And Secrecy In English Literature From 1650 To 1750 - The Essential Kropotkin - Re-imagining Public Space - Reading Narrative Discourse - Turning Down The Heat - Youth Literature For Peace Education - The Inevitable Alliance - Technology And Touch - Wealth From Knowledge - Contemporary Debates In The Sociology Of Education - Economic And Monetary Union Macroeconomic Policies - Power Interest And Identity In Military Alliances - Race Performance And Approval Of Mayors - Biochemistry Of S-adenosylmethionine And Related Compounds - Howard Barker Ecstasy And Death - Public Relations For Asia - Islamophobia In America - Communism In Germany Under The Weimar Republic - Complexity And The Nexus Of Leadership - Averting Global War - Flaubert And Henry James - Policing Urban Poverty - Spirituality And Sustainable Development - The Falling Rate Of Profit In The Postwar United States Economy - Ottomanturkish Visions Of The Nation 1860-1950 - 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Participatory Democracy Science And Technology - Landscape And Literature 1830-1914 - Young People And Politics In The Uk - Writing The Lives Of Writers - Collocation - Hr In The Boardroom - Ageing The Body And Social Change - Peace Development And Security In The Caribbean - C 60 And The Net 46 Framework - Multispectral Biometrics - Diagnostic Imaging Of Emerging Infectious Diseases - Referendum Democracy - Interventions - Blake Modernity And Popular Culture - Mathematical Methods In Dynamic Economics - The Pope And The Duce - Zimbabwe - Current Perspectives On International Terrorism - Desire And The Political Unconscious In American Literature - The Politics Of The Caspian Oil - Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics - Historically Black Colleges And Universities - Political Elites In The Transatlantic Crisis - Poverty Prosperity And The World Economy - Shakespeare And His Contemporaries - Why People Dont Buy - Collective Creation In Contemporary Performance - Recollections Of Eminent Economists - The End Of The Cold War - American Television On British Screens - Breaking The Silence On Spiritual Abuse - Tycoons Scorchers And Outlaws - Hitler - British Foreign Policy - Language Sexualities And Desires - The Making Of New Labours European Policy - Re-visioning Europe - Andrei Tarkovsky - The Black Indian In American Literature - Post-communist Romania - The Political Thought Of John Milton - Gendering The International Asylum And Refugee Debate - Wonder In Shakespeare - The Right Side Of The Sixties - Global Migration Social Change And Cultural Transformation - The Globalisation Of Chinese Business Firms - Virginia Woolf Jean Rhys And The Aesthetics Of Trauma - Exchange Risk And Corporate International Finance - Hogarth Art Of Animal Cruelty - Deterrence - Airport Systems Planning - Magic Realism In Holocaust Literature - Land Commune And Peasant Community In Russia - Asia And The Subprime Crisis - Anglo-french Relations 1934-36 - Honour Killing And Violence - Emotional Literacy In Criminal Justice - 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The European Union Normative Power In Central Asia - Self-concept Achievement And Multicultural Education - Social Thought Of Bernard Mandeville - International Security Yearbook - Essays In Labour History - Studies In Medieval And Modern German History - Evaluating European Education Policy-making - Pakistan And The Geostrategic Environment - Sexy Blake - The British General Election Of 1987 - The Grants Register 1997 - The Language Of Political Leadership In Contemporary Britain - The Impact Of New Labour - Pfade Durch Die Theoretische Mechanik 1 - Philanthropy In Transition - Christian Scripture And Human Resource Management - European Politics A Reader - Religion In Relation - An Outline Of The Dialectic Of Capital - Die Unerschpfliche Kraft Des Einfachen - Rebuilding Community - Pakistans Defence Policy 1947-58 - The Economics Of Information Technology - Fashion Work And Politics In Modern France - The Politics Of The Art In Britain - Art And Society In The Victorian Novel - Globalization And Third-world Socialism - Cuba And Western Intellectuals Since 1959 - The Dynamics Of Referendum Campaigns - Japan Economic Policy - Computer Software And Intellectual Property - The Promise And Perils Of Infrastructure Privatization - Party Politics Religion And Womens Leadership - Early Romantics - Children And Childhood In Colonial Nigerian Histories - Swift 2 For Absolute Beginners - Work Or Fight! - Gpgooch - Building Global Education With A Local Perspective - Nation State And Empire In English Renaissance Literature - The Political Role Of Law Courts In Modern Democracies - Michael Young - Jean-price Mars The Haitian Elite And The American Occupation1915-35 - Collaborative Development North East Asia - United Kingdom Monetary Policy - Britains Internees In The Second World War - Social Care And Social Exclusion - Aftershocks - Europe As An Idea And An Identity - Masking Unmasked - Roland Barthes - Researching Cultures Of Learning - Planning Japans Economic Future - Marketing Big Oil - Gender Power And Management - Peptide And Amino Acid Transport Mechanism In The Central Nervous System - Shakespeare Comedies Of Play - Advances In Machine Tool Design And Research - Franco-british Cultural Exchanges 1880-1940 - Perspectives On Rules Of Origin - Decision-making During International Crises - Global Modernity - Gilles Deleuze Travels In Literature - Politics Policy And The European Recession - The Industrial Relations Practices Of Foreign-owned Firms In Britain - Margaret Thatcher And Ronald Reagan - Czechoslovakia 191888 - The Later Fiction Of Nadine Gordimer - Transaction Management - Mozambique And The Construction Of The New African State - The New Energy Crisis - Emerson And Neo-confucianism - Slapstick And Comic Performance - Social Urbanism And The Politics Of Violence - American Slaves And African Masters - Spontaneous Order And The Utopian Collective - Spanish And Portuguese Across Time Place And Borders - The Exporter And Importer Handbook On Foreign Currencies - Magical Realism And Cosmopolitanism - Literature And Philosophy - The Legitimization Of Violence - The Earthy Nature Of The Bible - Softwareentwicklung Kompakt Und Verstndlich - Britains Encounter With Meiji Japan 1868-1912 - Scenario Thinking - Discovering Suicide - Women And Fluid Identities - A Wittgensteinian Perspective On The Use Of Conceptual Analysis In Psychology - Men And The Language Of Emotions - The Brand Strategists Guide To Desire - The Critical Spirit And The Will To Believe - Kaleckis Relevance Today - Distance Theatre And The Public Voice 1750-1850 - The Middle East And Palestine - Deterrence Reputation And Cold-war Cycles - Problems Of Religious Pluralism - Residential Childrens Homes And The Youth Justice System - Co-operative Innovations In China And The West - Taijiquan And The Search For The Little Old Chinese Man - Graham Greene The Novelist - International Migration And The Social Sciences - Deleuze And Lifelong Learning - Successful Management - The Digital Currency Challenge - Beyond Diversity And Intercultural Management - Social Franchising - Women Feminism And Femininity In The 21st Century - Balancing The Balkans - The Worlds Largest Humanitarian Agency - Foundations Of Disability Studies - Robertsonian Economics - Marxs Theory Of Price And Its Modern Rivals - The Presidential Republic - Religious Ideology And The Roots Of The Global Jihad - Victorian Bloomsbury - The Global Political Economy Of Sex - The Sociology Of Elite Distinction - The Paradox Of Catching Up - Booker T Washington And The Struggle Against White Supremacy - Staff Participation And Public Management Reform - The Dangerous Lives Of Public Performers - Mediatization Of Politics - Urban Gothic Of The Second World War - Transforming Classroom Culture - Philanthropy And Education - Change In Smes - Cultures Communities Identities - Male Rape - Telling It Like It Is - Fundamentalism Politics And The Law - Kulturwandel In Organisationen - The Contemporary Soviet City - Language And Empiricism - After The Vienna Circle - Dictionary Of Modern Economics - The Professional Secretary Handbook - Fragments Of Union - The Age Of Lincoln And Cavour - John Addington Symonds 1840-1893 And Homosexuality - When Ivf Fails - From Revolutionary Movements To Political Parties - Serbia And The Serbs In World War Two - Statistical Handbook Of United Kingdom Agriculture - Thomas Hardy And The Church - Guide To The Financial Markets - Approaches To The Individual - Claude Simon And The Transgressions Of Modern Art - Windscale 1957 - Localizing Foreign Policy - Economics Of Wage Controls - Information Security For Managers - Techniques In Hiv Research - Boys At Sea - œbungen Und Fallbeispiele Zum Operations Research - The Limits Of Civil Defence In The Usa Switzerland Britain And The Soviet Union - Soviet Youth Culture - The Right To Wear Religious Symbols - Developments In Mean-variance Efficient Portfolio Selection - Myth Representation And Identity - Alternatives To The Multinational Enterprise - Reason Relativism And God - The French Revolution And The Creation Of Benthamism - Reason And Faith At Early Princeton - English Middle-class Novel - Young Women And The Body - Limits Of Law Prerogatives Of Power - Fundamentals Of The Mechanics Of Solids - Political Conflict In America - Storytelling In The Digital Age - Issues In Contemporary Macroeconomics And Distribution - Coherence In The Midst Of Complexity - Ambivalence In Hardy - Comparative Health Policy And The New Right - Blake And Conflict - Us Intelligence And The Soviet Strategic Threat - Western Europe In Kissingers Global Strategy - International Immigration Policy - Emily Dickinsons Readings Of Men And Books - The Political Economy Of Monetary Circuits - Drugs Prisons And Policy-making - Merleau-pontys "phenomenology Of Perception" - Mobility And Change In Modern Society - Shame And Pride In Narrative - Rematerializing Shakespeare - Marxian Economics A Reappraisal - Theory Of Mind And Science Fiction - Thackeray Cultural Frame Of Reference - Harmonisation In The Eec - Conflict And Difference In Nineteenth-century Literature - The Success Of Competitive-communism In Japan - Critical Sermons Of The Zen Tradition - How To Account For Foreign Currencies - Negotiating Life - Political Islam In Turkey - Legislation And Public Policy - World List Of Universities - The New Palgrave Dictionary Of Money And Finance - Managing Global Health Security - The Other - David Livingstone - Awaiting Apocalypse - Annals Of The Metropolitan Opera - Domestic Violence Family Law And School - American Religious Responses To Kristallnacht - Euro Crash - Pioneers Of Modern Economics In Britain - Terror And Civilization - Afro-eccentricity - Professionelles Handeln Gegen Husliche Gewalt - Cinematic Perspectives On Digital Culture - Practical Graph Analytics With Apache Giraph - Changing Ireland - A History Of The Modern British Ghost Story - Wordsworth And The Figurings Of The Real - Precancerous Lesions Of The Gynecologic Tract - Murder And Penal Policy - Capitalism And Class In The Gulf Arab States - The Riddles Of Harry Potter - The Abu-ghazaleh English-arabic Dictionary Of Accountancy - The Rule Of Law Albert Venn Dicey Victorian Jurist - A History Of British Trade Unionism - Mikhail Bakunin - The Regulatory State In An Age Of Governance - Development And Diffusionism - Modernist Writers And The Marketplace - Economic Analysis Before Adam Smith - Utopia As Method - Branding - Dance Space And Subjectivity - Body Soul And Cyberspace In Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema - Conflicts And Wars - Economic Growth Low Income And Housing In South Korea - The Royal Minorities Of Medieval And Early Modern England - Politics Of Reappraisal 1918-39 - William Blake And The Body - Vargas Llosa And Latin American Politics - The Alchemy Of Laughter - Civil Disobedience And The Politics Of Identity - The Illusion Of Leadership - Social Enterprise In Emerging Market Countries - How Western European Nuclear Policy Is Made - Ethics And International Affairs - Youth Gangs Violence And Social Respect - Nemesis Of Power - Essays In Anti-labour History - Women Representations Of The Occupation In Post-68 France - Public Universities And The Public Sphere - Theatricality Dark Tourism And Ethical Spectatorship - Financial Crime And Knowledge Workers - Beyond The Canon - Labour Renewal - Living The French Revolution 1789-1799 - Epistemic Justification And The Skeptical Challenge - The Nature Of Scientific Thinking - The West And The Soviet Union - Irony And The Poetry Of The First World War - William Carlos Williams And The American Poem - Ospf A Network Routing Protocol - The Industrialisation Of Soviet Russia Volume 5 The Years Of Hunger - Dancing For Dollars And Paying For Love - Highway Traffic Analysis And Design - The New High Priesthood - The 2008 Presidential Elections - The Plausible World - Fiction And Purpose In Utopia Rasselas The Mill On The Floss And Women In Love - Care Uncertainty And Intergenerational Ethics - Uncanny American Fiction - Redefining British Politics - Britain And Un Peacekeeping - Contemporary Thoughts On Corporate Branding And Corporate Identity Management - Sacred Texts Of The World - Coleridge And The Nature Of Imagination - Japan And Reconciliation In Post-war Asia - Work Regulation And Identity In Provincial France - Triticale - Academic Evaluation - Creativity And Mental Illness - Newtons Sleep - Marketing Shares Sharing Markets - Progressives And Radicals In English Education 17501970 - Textbook Of Foreign Exchange - Ireland And The Popish Plot - Religious Violence Between Christians And Jews - Victorian Shakespeare - On Keyness Method - Women Sexuality And War - International Oil Industry - Alternative Paradigms Of Literary Realism - Sovereignty And European Integration - The Logic Of Charity - Liberty And American Anti-imperialism - Stakeholder Theory - Ethical Decision Making In Social Research - National Income And Economic Progress - Dyslexia - Concepts Of The Ultimate - Memory Nationalism And Narrative In Contemporary South Asia - New Loss Prevention - New Women Dramatists In America 1890-1920 - Dancing On The Canon - Families Caring Across Borders - Atlas Of South America - International Finance And The Developing Economies - Thomas Hardy And His God - The Failure Of Democratic Nation Building - Soviet And American Signalling In The Polish Crisis - Injustice - International Accounting Harmonization - Catholic Nationalism In The Irish Revival - The Future Of Financial Systems And Services - Realist Criminology - Narrative Form - The Gaullist System In Asia - Neoliberalism And Neopanamericanism - George Eliot An Intellectual Life - The Balkans - The Statesmans Yearbook 2002 - Electing Americas Governors - The Changing Environment Of International Financial Markets - Literary Epiphany In The Novel 1850-1950 - Conversion And Reform In The British Novel In The 1790s - X-ray Microanalysis In Biology - Anomaly Detection In Random Heterogeneous Media - The Media And Peace - The Social Effects Of Economic Thinking - A Philosophical Analysis Of Hope - The Concise Guide To Mergers Acquisitions And Divestitures - Doing Business In Emerging Europe - Modern American Reading Practices - Economics Of Imperfect Competition And Employment - Japanese Cultural Policies In Southeast Asia During World War 2 - Thinking Through Digital Media - The Language Of Police Interviewing - Functional Approaches To Spanish Syntax - Business Woman - Pharmacology Of Benzodiazepines - Nicholas Culpeper - The Culture Of The Publishers Series Volume 2 - The Industrialisation Of Soviet Russia 1 Socialist Offensive - Studies In Islamic Political Science - Research Partnerships In Early Childhood Education - Allies In Apartheid - Excitatory Amino Acids - Prosperity Unbound - London In Early Modern English Drama - Management Mumbo-jumbo - Syphilis Puritanism And Witch Hunts - The Chinese Diaspora And Mainland China - Policy Consequences Of John Maynard Keynes - Russia In The European Context 1789-1914 - Foreign Direct Investment By Smaller Uk Firms The Success And Failure Of First-time Investors Abroad - Multinational Companies And Domestic Firms In Europe - Studies In British Imperial History - Russia And Europe Conflict Or Cooperation - Peacemaking Strategies In Northern Ireland - Growth Trade And Endogenous Technology - Performing The Nation In Global Korea - George Gissing The Cultural Challenge - 1984 And Alls Well - New Deal Theater - Immigration Policymaking In The Global Era - Critical Perspectives On Language Teaching Materials - Britain And The Bolshevik Revolution - The International Monetary System And The Less Developed Countries - The Politics Of Ethnicity In Settler Societies - Kierkegaard And Japanese Thought - Authorship Ethics And The Reader - Kipling Imperial Boy - Legacies Of Plague In Literature Theory And Film - China Hong Kong Taiwan And The World Trading System - Fictional Labyrinths Of Thomas Pynchon - Comparing Political Communication Across Time And Space - Crm Systems In Industrial Companies - Geriatric Home-based Medical Care - The Return Of Consciousness - Energy And The Environment - Theories Of International Relations - Czechoslovakia Crossroads And Crises 191888 - Problem Driven Management - Ibsen And The Theatre - Social Audit Pollution Handbook - The Cult Of Imperial Honor In British India - Casualties Of The New World Order - Femininity Mathematics And Science 1880-1914 - Global City Challenges - Political Dialogue In Northern Ireland - The Palgrave Handbook Of Critical Thinking In Higher Education - Modern Stateless Warfare - Entrepreneurship And Regional Development - Depictions And Images Of War In Edwardian Newspapers 1899-1914 - Capitalist Discipline - John Cowper Powys In Search Of A Landscape - From Uncle Toms Cabin To The Help - News Newspapers And Television - A Womans Framework For A Successful Career And Life - The Literature Of Place - The New Operational Culture - Reshaping The British Constitution - Advancing Race And Ethnicity In Education - The Social Construction Of Death - Women And The Practice Of Medical Care In Early Modern Europe 1400-1800 - Technological Capability In The Third World - The China-latin America Axis - The Soviet Union And Europe In The Cold War 1943-53 - Swift And Science - Real-time Diplomacy - Understanding How Issues In Business Ethics Develop - Responding To Crises In The Modern Infrastructure - Assessing Dynamics Of Democratisation - The American Success Myth On Film - Psychoanalyzing Cinema - Feudal Nobility And The Kingdom Of Jerusalem 1174-1277 - New Perspectives On Muscovite History - Transnational Terrorism Organized Crime And Peace-building - Networks In The Russian Market Economy - Railways And The Western European Capitals - Performance Popular Culture And Piety In Muslim Southeast Asia - Front Lines Of Modernism - American Diplomacy And Strategy Toward Korea And Northeast Asia 1882 - 1950 And After - Transitional Justice In Peru - An Introduction To Buddhist Psychology And Counselling - The Serpin Family - Making Sense Of Anti-trade Sentiment - Shakespeare And War - Information And Communication Technologies In The Context Of Globalization - Communist Ideology Law And Crime - Social Partnership In The European Union - New Feminist Essays On Virginia Woolf - The Bloomsbury Group Memoir Club - Marketing The Populist Politician - The Social Theory Of Claude L©vi-strauss - Comedy Seriously - Graham Greene On The Frontier - The Collected Poems Of Wb Yeats - Advances In Geroscience - The Complex Mind - Real World Economics - The Economic Impact Of Leasing - Community And Conflict - The Formation Of The Brics And Its Implication For The United States - The Political Economy Of Turkey - Trade Unions Wage Formation And Macroeconomic Stability - The Chinese High Command - The Caribbean Postcolonial - Britain Aden And South Arabia - One Hundred Years Of Journalism - Studies In The History Of The Plateau State Nigeria - Hollywood And The Box Office - The Positive Function Of Evil - Political Parties In Palestine - Management Valuation And Risk For Human Capital And Human Assets - Essay On The Nature And Significance Of Economic Science - Toward A Future Beyond Employment - Meals In The Early Christian World - Autopoietic Knowledge Systems In Project-based Companies - Platos Parmenides Reconsidered - Collaboration And Resistance In Napoleonic Europe - The Amygdaloid Nuclear Complex - Lifestyle Brands - A Return To Free Market Economics - Social Protest Violence And Terror In Nineteenth- And Twentieth-century Europe - Elections And Democracy After Communism - Modelling In Public Health Research - Europe In A Changing World - Comparative Design Of Structures - Yeatss Poems - The Press And Apartheid - New Zealand - New Labour Grassroots - Sexual Life-style In The Twentieth Century - Belief And Organization - African American Women Writers Historical Fiction - Writing Pynchon - Comparative Development Studies - Prison Of Womanhood - Union Education In Nigeria - United States Foreign Policy Towards Southern Africa - The Soldiers Strikes Of 1919 - Poetry Of Seamus Heaney - The Textual Life Of Dickenss Characters - Studies In Literature And The Humanities - British Fiction And The Cold War - Reading Joyce Ulysses - Coleridges Experimental Poetics - Mozarts Death - The Glamour System - Feminine Subjects In Masculine Fiction - Endgame For The Euro - The Spirit Of Selflessness In Maoist China - Riding The Tiger - Baudelaire - Reflexivity In Criminological Research - Politics Without Reason - Lenin A Political Life - Money Hard And Soft - Existentialism Feminism And Simone De Beauvoir - A Guide To United Kingdom And European Community Competition Policy - Signs Of War - Varieties Of Anti-fascism - Americas Culture Of Professionalism - Modernist Impersonalities - A History Of Collective Creation - Political Parties And The Concept Of Power - Nonstandard Analysis For The Working Mathematician - Absicht Und Wirklichkeit Integrativer Bildung - How Ireland Voted 2002 - John Dewey Philosophy Of Education - Japanese Fdi Flows In Asia - Francophilia In English Society 1748-1815 - World-building And The Early Modern Imagination - British Diplomacy And Swedish Politics 17581773 - Goin To Kansas City - The Public Debt Problem - Feminist Perspectives In Philosophy - Ethnonational Identities - Material Culture In Europe And China 14001800 - China Under Deng Xiaoping - The Indian Law Legacy Of Thurgood Marshall - Sensibility And Economics In The Novel - Sidgwick And Contemporary Utilitarianism - Chemical Warfare Chemical Disarmament - Socialism And Democracy - Conflict Nationhood And Corporeality In Modern Literature - The New Poverty Strategies - International Financial Reporting - The Politics Of Slave Trade Suppression In Britain And France 1814-48 - Bringing The Market Back In - Controlling The Regulators - Romani Politics In Contemporary Europe - Buddhism In Iran - Institutional Reform And Economic Development In The Chinese Countryside - Constructing Risky Identities In Policy And Practice - Domestic Space In Eighteenth-century British Novels - Women And Discourse In The Fiction Of Marguerite Duras - Romantic Terrorism - Guide To Unemployment Reduction Measures - Economic Alternatives For Growth Employment And Poverty Reduction - Gothic And The Comic Turn - Uberpreneurs - The Landscapes Of The Sublime 1700-1830 - Job Quality And Employer Behaviour - State And The Rise Of National Education Systems - Feminine Sexuality - The Real History Of Tom Jones - Language And Politics In Post-soviet Russia - Us National Security Concerns In Latin America And The Caribbean - Christianity At The Centre - Slave Songs And The Birth Of African American Poetry - Masculinity In Crisis - Alfred Marshall - Freedom In The Anthropocene - D H Lawrence - The Evolution Of Economic Systems - Interrogating Imperialism - An Essay On Strategy - Black Women In Management - Strategic Power - Catholic Figures Queer Narratives - The Final Years Of Thomas Hardy 19121928 - G K Chesterton Explorations In Allegory - The Health Of Vietnam - The Street Was Mine - New Perspectives On Contemporary Chinese Poetry - United States Western Europe And Military Intervention Overseas - Kipling Myths Of Love And Death - The Exhaustion Of The Dollar - Perspectives On Ecology - The Age Of Virtue - Sexuality And The Culture Of Sensibility In The British Romantic Era - The Multinational Enterprise In A Hostile World - The Coming Of Globalization - Action Figures - International Auditing - Realizing Autonomy - Water Politics In The Middle East - Football And The Fa Women Super League - Middle East Annual Review - Swiss Banking In An International Context - History Memory And Politics In Central And Eastern Europe - Redrawing The Class Map - Nietzsches Dancers - New Economic Nationalism - A Short History Of The Labour Party - Performing Policy - The Decembrist Pavel Pestel - Reading Ts Eliot - Global Risk Governance In Health - Regional Growth And Unemployment In The United Kingdom - Sartres Radicalism And Oakeshotts Conservatism - Komsomol Participation In The Soviet First Five-year Plan - Empire And Education - Soviet Socialist Realism - Pioneers Of Sino-japanese Relations - Hardy And His Readers - Appearance And Identity - Management Control And Uncertainty - Queer Masculinities 1550-1800 - The Vatican The Law And The Human Embryo - Another Global City - Report On The State Of The European Union - Perspectives Of Economic Development - The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary Of Diplomacy - Unconformities In Shakespeares Tragedies - The Falklands War - Digital Culture Industry - The Antifascist Classroom - Mourning Modernism Postmodernism - Perspectives On The Agro-export Economy In Central America - Methodology And Research Practice In Southeast Asian Studies - Spectacle Culture And American Identity - Musical Comedy On The West End Stage 1890-1939 - The Un Secretary-general From The Cold War To The New Era - Callaghans Journey To Downing Street - Canadaus And Other Unfriendly Relations - The Postcolonial Historical Novel - Social Democratic Parties In The European Union - Psychoanalytic Knowledge - African Roots Brazilian Rites - Jewish Intellectuals And The University - Western Writers In Japan - A Bibliography Of Modern Irish Drama 18991970 - Constructing A Global Polity - The Problem Of Critical Ontology - 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The Roman-jewish Wars And Hebrew Cultural Nationalism 66-2000 Ce - Post-suburban Europe - Imperialism Reform And The Making Of Englishness In Jane Eyre - Diversity And Inclusion In Quality Patient Care - Equilibrium And Dynamics - Spanish Fascism In The Franco Era - Cohabitation And Non-marital Births In England And Wales 1600-2012 - From Bow Street To Baker Street - Rural Protest - A Social History Of Museums - Regulating Technological Innovation - Academic Freedom And The Telos Of The Catholic University - The Palgrave Handbook Of Altruism Morality And Social Solidarity - Chicano English In Context - Fundamentals Of Arc Spraying - Multinationals In The Global Political Economy - Profits Deficits And Instability - Women Making Music - The Afterlife Of Christina Rossetti - Controlling Industrial Economics - Nuclear Weapons The Balance Of Terror The Quest For Peace - Habits Remaking Addiction - Contemporary Canadian Womens Fiction - Armenian History And The Question Of Genocide - South Of The Sahara Development In African Economies - 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British Economic Fluctuations 1790-1939 - Historical Encyclopaedia Of World War Ii - Applying Respondent Driven Sampling To Migrant Populations - Rethinking Social Studies Teacher Education In The Twenty-first Century - Hegel And The History Of Political Philosophy - The Hope For American School Reform - Mit Den Mathemdels Durch Die Welt - Researching Contexts Practices And Pedagogies In English For Academic Purposes - Homeless Lives In American Cities - The Crisis-prone Society - The Peoples Game - Soviet Strategy And Islam - Hegels Systematic Contingency - Constructing Paris In The Age Of Revolution - Political Opinion Polling - Leadership In A Changing China - Soviet Reforms And Beyond - Business At A Crossroads - Ways Of Escape - The Limits Of Transnationalism - Kants Theory Of Emotion - Value-based Consulting - Literature And Visual Technologies - Quine On Ontology Necessity And Experience - Feminist Traditions In Andalusi-moroccan Oral Narratives - When Singapore Fell - Literature Into History - 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Before The Empire Of English - Edward Said On The Prospects Of Peace In Palestine And Israel - European Higher Education Policy And The Social Dimension - Dewey Social Philosophy - The Possible Worlds Of Hypertext Fiction - Russian Women And Their Organizations - The Mystery Of Matter - Towards A Peace Economy In The United States - Capitalist Development And Crisis Theory Accumulation Regulation And Spatial Restructuring - The Godmanworld Triangle - Islam And Controversy - Leadership As Identity - Music And The Nerves 1700-1900 - Myth And Memory In The Mediterranean - Japanese Social Crisis - Clinical Informatics Study Guide - Our Fragmented World - Luxury Talent Management - Carlyle And Tennyson - Economic Exiles - Industrial Shift - Post-war Modernist Cinema And Philosophy - The Luxury Market In India - French Caribbeans In Africa - Chartered Institute Of Building Handbook And Members List 1996 - Religious Conversion And Disaffiliation - Political Violence - Theatre Performance And Memory Politics In Argentina - Regulation - Presidents Assemblies And Policy-making In Asia - British Political Facts Since 1979 - American Sea Literature - Macmillan Dictionary Of Business And Management - Management A Political Activity - Cross-cultural Studies Of Personality Attitudes And Cognition - Multinational Strategic Planning - Young Charles Lamb 1775-1802 - Controlling Soviet Labour - Developing Ecofeminist Theory - Chomsky And Deconstruction - Ordinary Psychosis And The Body - Doris Lessing And Sufi Equilibrium - Unemployment Inflation And New Macroeconomic Policy - Slow Motion - Petrarch In Romantic England - Constructing Democracy In Transitioning Societies Of Africa - Performing Capital - The Russian Moderates And The Crisis Of Tsarism 1914 1917 - No Discouragement - Indias Rise To Power In The Twentieth Century And Beyond - Institutions And Institutional Change In The Federal Republic Of Germany - Conscription Controversy In Great Britain 1900-18 - Intellectual Property Rights In Biotechnology Worldwide - Modernist Articulations - Restoration Comedy - Uncommon Market - Antarctic Treaty System In World Politics - Independent Television In Britain - Unequal Actors In Equalising Institutions - Spatial Representations And The Jacobean Stage - Soviet Social Reality In The Mirror Of Glasnost - Studies In British Government - Economic Freedom And The American Dream - Restless Men - The Literature Of Region And Nation - Cinema Technologies Of Visibility And The Reanimation Of Desire - Performing The Nation In Interwar Germany - Discourse Theory In European Politics - De Quincey Wordsworth And The Art Of Prose - Rorty And Kierkegaard On Irony And Moral Commitment - Social Creativity Collective Subjectivity And Contemporary Modernity - Decade Of Disillusion - Anticoagulation Management - Modernising The Labour Party - On The Revolutions Volume 2 - Technological Change In Agriculture - Matsuo Bash´s Poetic Spaces - Deleuze And Spinoza - Coleridge And The Psychology Of Romanticism - Soziale Bedingungen Privater Lebenshrung - 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Towards An Environment Research Agenda - Ethical Economics - The Long Retreat - Spies And Saboteurs - And He Loved Big Brother - Neoliberal Urban Policy And The Transformation Of The City - Fukushima And The Privatization Of Risk - The Fall Of Global Socialism - Transforming Socialist Economies - Hit Brands - The Hatoyama Dynasty - India In Britain - Psychologie Der Werte - Making Cost Control Work - Economic Sanctions - Women In Civil Society - Business Services In European Economic Growth - Teaching Excellence In Higher Education - Foresight And Innovation - Ageing Popular Culture And Contemporary Feminism - Toward A North American Legal System - The Multinational Subsidiary - Interfaith Just Peacemaking - South African Political Exile In The United Kingdom - Beginning Hybrid Mobile Application Development - Occupation And Pay In Great Britain 190679 - Early Childhood Education Postcolonial Theory And Teaching Practices In India - Introducing Organizational Behaviour - The Plight Of Crime Victims In Modern Society - 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Government Business And The Politics Of Interdependence And Conflict Across The Taiwan Strait - Growth And Inequality In Pakistan - Territory Globalization And International Relations - West European Terrorism And Counter-terrorism - Fusion Economics - The Nature Of Marketing - Reading And Seeing Ethnic Differences In The Enlightenment - Banking And The Promotion Of Technological Development - Cinema Pain And Pleasure - Beyond Management - Gender Politics And Everyday Life In State Socialist Eastern And Central Europe - Popular Culture And New Media - The Roots Of Participatory Democracy - Investigating Dickens Style - The South In World Politics - Conceptualizing Relational Sociology - The Invention Of Europe In French Literature And Film - The Decline Of Political Leadership In Australia - The Perverse Economy - Asia And The Global Economic Crisis - Territory And Electoral Rules In Post-communist Democracies - Security In British Politics 1945-99 - Modern Monetary Theory - Peacekeeping In South Sudan - 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Islamic Finance - Risikomanagement In Der Prhospitalen Notfallmedizin - Unmasking Financial Psychopaths - Cinema And The Imagination In Katherine Mansfields Writing - The Empires New Clothes - Suffering Art And Aesthetics - Genealogies Of Capitalism - European Cinema After 1989 - Constituent Perceptions Of Political Representation - Women And Alcohol In Social Context - In The Shadow Of Sharpeville - International Practice Theory - Ethics And Cultural Policy In A Global Economy - European Defence Community - The Drugs Handbook - Women Social Standing - Swiss Democracy - Economics In The Long View - Is Fairtrade Fair - The New Atheist Denial Of History - Do Parties Make A Difference - Cross-cultural Encounters In Joseph Conrads Malay Fiction - Nationalism And The Drive For Sovereignty In Tatarstan 1988-1992 - New Vocal Repertory - The Political Economy Of Refugee Migration And Foreign Aid - Trauma Narratives And Herstory - Bread And Roses - Continuities In Polands Permanent Transition - The History Of Reading Volume 3 - Regionalism And Governance In The Americas - Swift Os X Programming For Absolute Beginners - International Business Finance - Social Lives With Other Animals - National Identity Nationalism And Constitutional Change - The Economic Thought Of Karl Polanyi - Technologies Of Memory In The Arts - Sino-american Relations - Women Of The Street - Machinic Modernism - Commerce In Culture - Corpus Approaches To Critical Metaphor Analysis - The Family Letters Of Richard Wagner - Americas Allies And War - Club Cultures And Female Subjectivity - Romantics And Renegades - Contemporary Fiction And The Ethics Of Modern Culture - Great Power Relations In Argentina Chile And Antarctica - Critical Reading In Language Education - Seaports And Development In Tropical Africa - Social Economy Of France - India Acquiring Its Way To A Global Footprint - Paradise Lost - The Recurrent Crisis In Corporate Governance - The Administration Of Sickness - Money Banking And The Business Cycle - Mergers And Acquisitions As The Pillar Of Foreign Direct Investment - The New Public Leadership Challenge - Icch Commodities Yearbook - The Cognitive Revolution In Western Culture - Victorian Literary Critics - Transition Reception And Modernism - Analytics And Modern Warfare - China In The 1980s - Charity Philanthropy And Reform - Foreign Direct Investment In Russia - The Illustrated Atlas Of Jerusalem - The Evolution Of The Modern Commonwealth 1902-80 - The Semiotics Of Exile In Literature - On Classical Liberalism And Libertarianism - Narrative Form And Chaos Theory In Sterne Proust Woolf And Faulkner - Shakespeares Impact On His Contemporaries - The Role Of Human Rights In Foreign Policy - The Politics Of Consumption In Eighteenth-century Ireland - Dilemmas Of National Security And Cooperation In India And Pakistan - Rhetoric In Sociology - The Regicides And The Execution Of Charles 1 - Power Production And Social Reproduction - British Women Writers And The Short Story 1850-1930 - Modernism And Public Reform In Late Imperial Russia - Redefining Latin American Historical Fiction - Theorizing The Sexual Child In Modernity - The Mexican Exception - Harold Pinter - The British General Election Of 1979 - Jane Austen The Reader - The Case For Workers Co-ops - After The Asian Crisis - Money Capital Formation And Economic Growth - Masculinity And Spirituality In Victorian Culture - European Studies In Development - African Womens Unique Vulnerabilities To Hivaids - Beyond Realism And Marxism - Eastern Europe In The Postwar World - Wandering Women In French Film And Literature - Foucault On The Politics Of Parrhesia - England In 1815 - The Faith And Fiction Of Muriel Spark - Performing Class In British Popular Music - Elizabeth Bowen And The Dissolution Of The Novel - Handbook Of Personal Data Protection - The Agony Of Spanish Liberalism - Domestic Abuse Homicide And Gender - European Perspectives On Men And Masculinities - British Friendly Societies 1750-1914 - Disarming Military Industries - Stress In The Spotlight - Political Parties And Legislative Party Switching - Feminist Erasures - Rethinking The Normative Content Of Critical Theory - Geocriticism - Green Trade Agreements - The Political Economy Of Wasta Use And Abuse Of Social Capital Networking - Doctors And The State In The Soviet Union - Deconstruction A Critique - After Liberalisation - Understanding Blackness Through Performance - The Future Of Writing - Memory Trauma And World Politics - Japanese Workplaces In Transition - Animal Patents - John Strachey - Higher Education Revisited - Wyndham Lewis And Western Man - British Counterinsurgency - Chinese Defence Policy - Foreign Policy Decision-making Revisited - Presidential Risk Behavior In Foreign Policy - Byron And The Eye Of Appetite - Anti-fascism In Britain - Archbishop Laud 1573-1645 - The Economics Of The Short Period - Navigating World History - Modernism Of Ezra Pound - Chronicles Of The Raj - Ukraine And European Security - Emotions In Transmigration - Hobbes And Locke - The Political Participation Of Older People In Europe - The Monetary Approach To External Adjustment - The Dictionary Of Even More Diseased English - Soviet Blitzkrieg Theory - Anti-catholicism In Northern Ireland - Reassessing The Twentieth-century Canon - There She Is Miss America - Silence In The Second Language Classroom - Global And Local Televangelism - Foreign Investment Transnationals And Developing Countries - The Pacific Island States - Risk And The Political Economy Of Resource Development - Philosophy And The Philosophic Life - Hydrodynamik - Intercultural Voices In Contemporary British Literature - Transition To Egalitarian Development - Race And Racism In Contemporary Britain - Wbyeats And Wthorton - Lawyers The State And The Market - What Is History Now - Apartheid On A Black Isle - Triumph Of The Nomads - Examining Intelligence-led Policing - Elizabethan Theatre - World Class Britain - Narrative And Truth - Alternatives To Neoliberal Globalization - European Development Cooperation And The Poor - The Language Of Sexual Crime - The Refuge And The Fortress - Structural Prevention Of Ethnic Violence - Imagining India - Multiresistente Erreger - From Manager To Visionary - Alfred Marshall Mission - North-south And South-south - The Entrepreneur In History - Innovation In Business Education In Emerging Markets - The Economics Of Rights Co-operation And Welfare - Somebody Knows Somebody Cares - Revolutionizing Retail - Seapower In Global Politics 14941993 - Reading Londons Suburbs - Intellectuals And The Left In France Since 1968 - 3d Cinema - Privatising Peace - Making Women Martyrs In Tudor England - Dialectics In Social Thought - Economic Papers 194188 - The Emerging American Garrison State - Paradigms Of Reading - Governments And Marriage Education Policy - Cultural Creativity In The Early English Renaissance - Thinking Poetry - Diseases Of Forest And Ornamental Trees - National Myth And Imperial Fantasy - The Evolution Of Public Management - Screening Novel Women - Trilingual Talk In Sicilian-australian Migrant Families - The Earthest Challenge To Economism - When Managers Rebel - Community Crime And Disorder - The Latest Methods Of Construction Design - Phenolsulfotransferase In Mental Health Research - The Global Crisis Makers - Mental Maps In The Early Cold War Era 1945-68 - Foreign Capital Inflows To China India And The Caribbean - Management Of Engineering Projects - What Katy Read - The Hiplife In Ghana - Youth Culture And Private Space - William Carlos Williams And Transcendentalism - French Comedy On Screen - Inside The Bundesbank - The Withering Of The Welfare State - Richard Hoggart And Cultural Studies - Contemporary Chinese Literature - Modernity And The Second-hand Trade - Trade Poverty And The Environment - John Berryman - Nonlinearities Disequilibria And Simulation - The Rule Of Law - East Timor - Rules And Dispositions In Language Use - Prison Shakespeare And The Purpose Of Performance - Web Programming With Php And Mysql - Italian Military Operations Abroad - Performing Animality - Dantes Modern Afterlife - 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Peace With Justice - John Hick Theodicy - Pushing The Boundaries Of Latin American Testimony - Transnational Outrage - Identity Trouble - How To Save The Underclass - Poland In The Second World War - Planning To Meet Basic Needs - The Trial Of Woman - The Economy Of Ghana - Americas Confrontation With Revolutionary Change In The Middle East 1948-83 - Americas World Identity - Political Instability And American Foreign Policy - Stalins Terror - Nuclear Proliferation In The 1980s - Soft Power And Freedom Under The Coalition - Max Webers Theory Of The Modern State - Financial Regulation After The Global Recession - Burning Books - Talent Management Of Self-initiated Expatriates - Media Transformation - Understanding Mergers And Acquisitions In The 21st Century - Lives Liberties And The Public Good - Performing Objects And Theatrical Things - Women-headed Households - Sartre And The Media - Chinas Rise To Power - Improving Economic And Social Cohesion In The European Community - Melodrama In Contemporary Film And Television - Sledgehammer - Revisiting Iris Marion Young On Normalisation Inclusion And Democracy - The Political Web - Thomas Hardy And The Proper Study Of Mankind - Ribbon Culture - Hip-hop Revolution In The Flesh - Eco-innovation - Ben Jonsons Theatrical Republics - Constitutional Dialogues In Comparative Perspective - British Romanticism And Continental Influences - University Leadership - Gypsies In Germany And Italy 1861-1914 - Strategy And Structure Of Japanese Enterprises - Borderlands In World History 1700-1914 - Class Representation In Modern Fiction And Film - Everyday Spirituality - The British Empire As A Superpower - Social Reform In Gothic Writing - Yeats Ireland And Fascism - Referendums And Democratic Government - Internal Migration In Contemporary China - Satire Lies And Politics - Building A Modern Japan - Herbert Spencer And Social Theory - Marxist Thought On Imperialism - The Overactive Pelvic Floor - Curriculum Studies In The United States - A History Of The Ftaa - The Right Tools For The Job - 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Americas Viceroys - Anglo-american Support For Jordan - New Perspectives In Modern Russian History - Health Humanities - Contemporary British Theatre - Philosophy And Childhood - Culture Curriculum And Identity In Education - Executive Self-development - Human Rights Violation In Turkey - Social Movements And Their Technologies - Merchants Of The Raj - World Views And Perceiving God - Nationalization Of Multinationals In Peripheral Economies - Reading Mill Studies In Political Theory - Myths Politicians And Money - Post-innovation Performance - The College "y" - Indo-judaic Studies In The Twenty-first Century - Computer Technology And Employment - British General Election Of 1970 - The Future Of British Sea Power - Becoming Europeans - China In World History - Sensational Pleasures In Cinema Literature And Visual Culture - Imagining Outer Space - Writing And Reading In Henry James - Stock Market Integration - Yugoslav Multinationals Abroad - A Critical History Of Economics - The Intellectual And The People In Egyptian Literature And Culture - 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Postcolonial Witnessing - Organizational Culture And Commitment - Screen Distribution And The New King Kongs Of The Online World - Knowledge Transfer In Higher Education - Gains From Global Linkages - Reducing Nuclear Arsenals - Growth Employment Inequality And The Environment - Paths To Genocide - Northern Ireland At The Crossroads - Rise And Fall Of The Soviet Rural Communist Party 1927-39 - Inclusive Leadership - The Growth Of Chinese Electronics Firms - Dennis Potter Between Two Worlds - T S Eliot And Dante - Interfacing With The Internet In Popular Cinema - Science Fiction And Digital Technologies In Argentine And Brazilian Culture - Reading American Novels And Multicultural Aesthetics - The 10 Principles Of Open Business - Charles Dickens Childhood - Percutaneous Renal Surgery - Japanese Writers And The West - In The Game - Human Service Organizations In The Disaster Context - Ontology In Heidegger And Deleuze - South Korea - The Economics Of Marx Grundrisse - International Sanctions In Contemporary Perspective - 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Leadership Accountability In A Globalizing World - Holy Hatred - Network Society And Future Scenarios For A Collaborative Economy - St Jamess Place Tax Guide 2001-2002 - Ted Hughes As Shepherd Of Being - Tolkien Art - Christian Memories Of The Maccabean Martyrs - Richard Aldington A Biography - Wicksell Monetary Theory - The Civilizations Of Asia And The Middle East - Currency Internationalization Global Experiences And Implications For The Renminbi - International Historical Statistics Europe 17501988 - Options For Developing Countries In Mining Development - Law And Order - Realism Form And The Postcolonial Novel - Botrytis The Fungus The Pathogen And Its Management In Agricultural Systems - The Defective Art Of Poetry - The Independent Nuclear State - Alimentary Sphincters And Their Disorders - Contemporary Architects - Philosophers Discuss Education - Africans On African-americans - Growing Up Online - Digital Media Worlds - Designing Democracy - The Semiperiphery Of Academic Writing - Negotiating Citizenship - Architecting Enterprise - Sinicizing International Relations - The Novel From Sterne To James Essays On The Relation Of Literature To Life - Technology And Cultural Tectonics - Viable Democracy - The Politics Of Protest - Shakespeare And Genre - Thomas Hardy Art And Thought - Business Workshop - The Novels Of Walter Scott And His Literary Relations - Racism And Anti-racism In Football - Regional Environmental Policy - Modes Of Explanation - Choosing A Leader - Teaching Writing While Standing On One Foot - Church And State In 21st Century Britain - Reading Philip Roth - American Higher Education Leadership And Policy - Israeli-arab Political Mobilization - Advertising - Keynesianism Social Conflict And Political Economy - Not Just China - Soviet Labour Ideology And The Collapse Of The State - Reinventing The Alliance - The Challenge Of Simultaneous Economic Relations With East And West - The Cultural Politics Of Blood 1500-1900 - Diplomacy - Financial Crises And The Nature Of Capitalist Money - Atlas Of Oral Diseases - Abolitionists And Working Class Problems In The Age Of Industrialization - Rethinking Human Rights For The New Millennium - Endorphins In Mental Health Research - Sources In British Political History 1900-1951 - Lloyd George And The Lost Peace - Families Raising Disabled Children - The Economics Of Subsistence Agriculture - John Reed And The Russian Revolution - The Political Economy Of Agro-food Markets In China - Semblance Of Peace - The Orphan In Eighteenth-century Fiction - Work Organisations - The Labour Partys Political Thought - The Fiction Of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala - Rebuilding Devastated Economies In The Middle East - Urban Economics - The Statesmans Year Book 1992-93 - Edgar Allan Poe And The Dupin Mysteries - Poverty Livelihoods And Governance In Africa - Remembering Iris Murdoch - The Cultural Evolution Of Postwar Japan - Struggle For A Better South - The Industrial Revolution - Supply Chain Management And Knowledge Management - Evolution Of The International And Regional Monetary Systems - Child Labor And Education In Latin America - Rethinking The History Of Education - Perfection The State And Victorian Liberalism - The Greek Economy - Psychology And Industrial Productivity - Credit Scoring Response Modeling And Insurance Rating - Bodies Without Borders - Tackling Britains False Economy - Minor Parties At British Parliamentary Elections 18851974 - Marginalization In China - A Future Of Capitalism The Economic Vision Of Robert Heilbroner - The Body Beautiful - The Gold Cartel - Dissertations On Anglo-irish Drama - How Managers Have Learnt To Lead - Port Cities And Global Legacies - Political Economy In Parliament 18191823 - Commercial Observation Satellites And International Security - Developments In Soviet Politics - Jewish Identity In Western Pop Culture - Disciplining Modernism - Technological Development In China India And Japan - Global Perspectives On Us Foreign Policy - Folk Stories And Personal Narratives In Palestinian Spoken Arabic - Convertible Bond Markets - Economics For The Curious - The Business Of Space - T S Eliot A Voice Descanting - College Accreditation - Power And Conflict In The Age Of Transparency - The Empire Of Progress - Reader And Shakespeares Young Man Sonnets - Adoption - Worldly Leadership - National Accounts Analysis - Towards Sustainable Development - Dickens And Heredity - Animals Literature And The Politics Of Representation - Embodied Consciousness - Exploring Twins - A History Of Land Use In Mongolia - Towards Understanding Community - Kennedy - The Rise Of Indian Multinationals - The Radical Attitude And Modern Political Theory - The Poetic Organization - Consumer Casualties - A History Of Japanese Literature - Anglo-french Clash In Lebanon And Syria 1940-45 - Creating Citizenship Communities - Victorian Faith In Crisis - Orphan Of The Cold War - Sex Strategy And The Stratosphere - Outsourcing And Management - Alternative Strategies For Economic Development - African American Settlements In West Africa - Managing Development In A Global Context - 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Anais Nin - The Labour Partys Economic Strategy 1979-1997 - Phases Of Capitalist Development - Silencing Race - The History Of Lithium Therapy - Jesus In The Faith Of Christians - Reconstruction Of Political Economy - Culture And Catastrophe - Competing Through Ict Capability - European Cinema And Intertextuality - European Integration And The Iberian Economies - Entrepreneurship Self-employment And Retirement - Trade And Development Policies - The British Motor Industry 18961939 - The Palgrave Dictionary Of Medieval Anglo-jewish History - Applying Cognitive Linguistics To Second Language Learning And Teaching - Derivatives And Development - Cultural Genocide And Asian State Peripheries - Russian Climate Politics - The Writer Task From Nietzsche To Brecht - Stability Without Statehood - Cultural Diversity And Learning Efficiency - Women Privacy And Modernity In Early Twentieth-century British Writing - Elections Electoral Systems And Volatile Voters - Beyond The Frame - Oceanography Of The East Sea Japan Sea - Locating Cultural Work - Can South Africa Survive - Women In 17th Century France - Fisher Of Men A Life Of John Fisher 1469-1535 - Prehistory - Between State And Nation - Law And Justice In Chinas New Marketplace - Oxford And Empire - Generations And Work - Elgin And Churchill At The Colonial Office 1905-08 - Horticultural Reviews Volume 4 - Re-visioning Lears Daughters - Defiant Dictatorships - British Foreign Policy In The Atlantic Area - Hawaii Creole English - The Conservative Opportunity - East-central Europe After The Cold War - Women And Exile In Contemporary Irish Fiction - Managing Risks In The European Periphery Debt Crisis - Exploring Efl Fluency In Asia - Leavises On Fiction - Representations Of Elizabeth I In Early Modern Culture - Rethinking Rural Literacies - Developing Alliance Capabilities - The Politics Of Genetic Resource Control - Popular Spanish Film Under Franco - Guide To Institutional Property Investment - Darwin And Faulkners Novels - The Long Shadow Of The British Empire - The Emergence Of The Theory Of The Firm - Gentlemanly Capitalism Imperialism And Global History - Women And The Media In Asia - Thirteen Days - Diplomacy And Ideology In Japanese-korean Relations From The Fifteenth To The Eighteenth Century - Power Competition And The State - Environmental And Health Regulation In The United States And The European Union - Russian Modernity - Building Brand Authenticity - The Rise And Fall Of The Healthy Factory - Sketches Of The Nineteenth Century - Making The Compelling Business Case - Pluralism In The Soviet Union - The Reality Of Organizations - International Environmental Politics - Racial Identities Genetic Ancestry And Health In South America - Selected Letters Of Leslie Stephen - Drugs In South Asia - Elections In Britain - Iran And The Arab World - Language Policy And Language Planning - Information Security - Labour Doorstep Politics In London - The United States Italy And Nato 194752 - Ethics Of Media - Moments Of Magical Realism In Us Ethnic Literatures - Literary Culture In Jacobean England - The Palgrave Handbook Of Social Theory In Health Illness And Medicine - Frontier Discoveries And Innovations In Interdisciplinary Microbiology - Fiscal Policy Without A State In Emu - Beyond Death - The Politics Of Domestic Authority In Britain Since 1800 - The Bolshevik Party In Revolution - Ending War - Terrorism - Stoy Hayward Unlisted Securities Market Year Book - The Multinational Enterprise Eu Enlargement And Central Europe - Riemannian Computing In Computer Vision - Beyond The Graven Image - Hardy Use Of Allusion - The Study Of International Relations - Form And Function In The Diary Novel - Whiteness Otherness And The Individualism Paradox From Huck To Punk - Political Economy For Socialism - The Political Economy Of International Air Safety - The Beginning Of The Rest Of Your Life - From Stress To Wellbeing Volume 2 - The Character Of Curriculum Studies - A Womans Way - Cultures Of The Abdomen - Making Of Yeats "vision" - How To Achieve Business Success In Korea - Nato In The New European Order - Crisis In The Eurozone - Understanding Thomas Jefferson - Globalization Trade And Economic Development - The Nature And Limits Of Human Equality - Mobilities And Neighbourhood Belonging In Cities And Suburbs - Modern Perspectives In The Psychiatric Aspects Of Surgery - Collaborative Advantage - Suriname In The Long Twentieth Century - Intimacy And Power - Generation Jobless - Stockbroking Tomorrow - Media And Global Civil Society - Writing The Voice Of Pleasure - Interpretation And Cultural History - Britain And Ireland In The Eighteenth-century Crisis Of Empire - Management Education In Countries In Transition - The Future Of Emu - Internationalisation Corporate Preferences And Commercial Policy In Japan - Essays In The Theory Of Economic Growth - Higher Education In Post-war Great Britain - Dictionary Of Earth Sciences - Politicians Personal Image And The Construction Of Political Identity - The European Armaments Market And Procurement Cooperation - International Banking Strategic Alliances - From Crisis To Coalition - The Private Government Of Public Money - Barbara Wootton Selected Writings - Commodities Governance And Economic Development Under Globalization - World Finance And Adjustment - Subregional Cooperation In The New Europe - Comparative Constitutional Law - Strategic Stress Management - Conflict Democratization And The Kurds In The Middle East - The Politics Of Caribbean Cyberculture - Cultures Of Violence - The Capability Approach - International Handbook Of Universities - Theory And Practice In The Philosophy Of David Hume - The Media And Political Violence - Virginia Woolf First Voyage - Standard English And The Politics Of Language - Program The Internet Of Things With Swift For Ios - Metaphors Of Globalization - Regimes Of Historicity In Southeastern And Northern Europe 1890-1945 - A Common Man Guide To The Common Market - Women In Transit Through Literary Liminal Spaces - Ethical Issues In Economics - Making Party Democracy In Greece - Wirtschaftsunterricht Aus Der Sicht Von Lehrpersonen - Rapture Revelation And The End Times - The 1989 Election Of The European Parliament - Japan And The Internet Revolution - Reflections On Money - Positioning Gender In Discourse - Rethinking Human Rights - Artisans And Architects - International Financial Policy And Economic Development - Post Keynesian Economics - The Euromarkets And International Financial Policies - Reading The Bront« Body - Cultural Globalization And Music - What Wrong With Economics - Revealed - Nonlinear Financial Econometrics Markov Switching Models Persistence And Nonlinear Cointegration - Reimagining Black Difference And Politics In Brazil - Modern Nonparametric Robust And Multivariate Methods - Writing Diaspora In The West - King James Vi And I And The History Of Homosexuality - Managing Politics At Work - Youth Identities And Argentine Popular Music - Police Picket-lines And Fatalities - Argument Encoding In Japanese Conversation - The Palgrave Handbook Of Research Design In Business And Management - Science For Social Scientists - Youth Crime And Policework - Rethinking Trafficking In Women - The Soviet Legacy In Central Asia - The New Politics Of Leisure And Pleasure - ‘ibsen The Romantic - Vocabulary And Applied Linguistics - The Social Impact Of The Arts - The Elusive Quest For Growth In Argentina - Yemens Democracy Experiment In Regional Perspective - Policy Networks In Criminal Justice - Management Problems In Africa - Public Choice Theory And Local Government - Policing The Inner City - Feminists Theorize The State - The Invention Of Deconstruction - The Novels Of C P Snow - After The Empires - Diagnosis And The Dsm - Writings Of James Stephens - Private Equity - From Classical Economics To Development Economics - Issues In Philosophy - Community Research For Community Development - Enron And World Finance - Contemporary Fictions Of Multiculturalism - The Lure Of Fascism In Western Europe - Political Science An Islamic Perspective - ‘abdul-bah¡s Journey West - The Instruments Of Samuel Green - Grammars Of Colonialism - Social History Of Archaeology - Governance Of Hospitals In Central And Eastern Europe - Motivation Engagement And Educational Performance - Strategic Public Relations - Personal Consumption In The Ussr And The Usa - Constitutional Futures Revisited - Journeys In Argentine And Brazilian Cinema - Unionist Voices And The Politics Of Remembering The Past In Northern Ireland - Retreating From The Cold War - The Postmodern Significance Of Max Webers Legacy - The View From Goffman - A Just Society For Ireland 1964-1987 - An Introduction To The Study Of The Law Of The Constitution - Childrens Literature - Representations Of Indian Muslims In British Colonial Discourse - Hegemony And Culture In The Origins Of Nato Nuclear First Use 1945-1955 - The Geneva Conference Of 1954 On Indochina - Defeating Japan - Public Sector Economics - The Production Of Seriousness - Consumer Culture In Latin America - Materials For Energy Infrastructure - Stray Dog Of Anime - Psychopharmacology Of Lithium - The Great Interwar Crisis And The Collapse Of Globalization - The Making Of Eastern Europe - First On Call For Urology - Europe China And The Two Sars - Corruption Development And Underdevelopment - Nach Der Skularisierung - The Federalist Papers - The Fiction And Reality Of Jan Struys - The Indian Economy Sixty Years After Independence - Japanese Wartime Zoo Policy - The Philosophy Of Chinese Military Culture - Regional International Organizations Structures And Functions - Industry Unions And Government - American Literature And Social Change - Iris Murdoch Texts And Contexts - Performance Identity And Immigration Law - St Jamess Place Tax Guide 2011-2012 - Facilitating Groups To Drive Change - Romanticism And The Object - Communications Media And The Imperial Experience - How Ireland Voted 2011 - Southern European Welfare States - Undps Engagement With The Private Sector 1994-2011 - Rivalry In Retail Financial Services - Nachhaltige Energieversorgung Und Integration Von Speichern - Dreaming The English Renaissance - Policing Football - Diversity In The European Union - Us Foreign Policy Towards Apartheid South Africa 1948-1994 - Property And Power In A City - Gender Power And The Household - Literature And Ideology In Haiti 19151961 - The Emerging European Enterprise - Chinese International Investments - Politics In Sri Lanka The Republic Of Ceylon - Secularism And Its Opponents From Augustine To Solzhenitsyn - Henry James - Positions And Presuppositions In Science Fiction - The United States And The European Union In The 1990s - The Russian Presidency - Womens Literary Feminism In Twentieth Century China - Multimodality And Genre - A Guide To Sme Financing - The New Silk Road - Anglo-american Defence Relations 1939-84 - Framing The Iraq War Endgame - Animation Embodiment And Digital Media - British Party Politics And Ideology After New Labour - Integrated Brand Marketing And Measuring Returns - Social Network-based Recommender Systems - The New Euromarkets - Misfit Sisters - Italian Christian Democracy - Interpreting Hong Kongs Basic Law - The London Pleasure Gardens Of The Eighteenth Century - Georgian Bloomsbury - Essays And Introductions - Economic Equality And Direct Democracy In Ancient Athens - African Women Immigrants In The United States - German-jewish Refugees In England The Ambiguities Of Assimilation - The Incomplete Breakthrough In Greek-turkish Relations - A Reader Guide To The Plays Of W B Yeats - Migration And Education In A Multicultural World - Soviet Antireligious Campaigns And Persecutions - Economic Reforms In Chile - Job Satisfaction - Occupy Time - Realism Philosophy And Social Science - Christian Nationalism And The Rise Of The Afrikaner Broederbond In South Africa 1918-48 - The Policy-making Process In Contemporary Japan - The Korean Armistice - Redefining American Identity - Courting Disaster - Subsidiarity Governance - Strategy And Policy For Trans-european Networks - Bubbles In Credit And Currency - Infantry Combat Medics In Europe 1944-45 - The Disarmament Of Hatred - Die Usa Am Ende Der Prsidentschaft Barack Obamas - The Making Of Modern Russia - Educating Young Giants - Sapphic Modernities - Republicanism And Anticlerical Nationalism In Spain - Spiritual Kinship In Europe 1500-1900 - Globalizing The Community College - Islamic Jurisprudence - Wise Management In Organisational Complexity - Poetry Physics And Painting In Twentieth-century Spain - Frontiers In Neuropsychiatric Research - The Grants Register 19891991 - Truth Stranger Than Fiction - Diagnostik Und Behandlung Von Essstrungen - Ratgeber Patienten Und Angehrige - Always Under Pressure - Men In Caring Occupations - Child And Youth Migration - Trade Unions And The Coming Of Democracy In Africa - Memories Of The Maghreb - East German Cinema - Issues Of Blood - Money Credit And Prices In Keynesian Perspective - The Social Economy Of West Germany - Methodological Challenges And New Approaches To Research In International Development - Cross-national Innovation In Social Policy - Public Policy And Ethnicity - Beyond Metaphysics - Statesmen In Disguise - The Igbo Intellectual Tradition - Debating Modern Masculinities - The Circus Animals - Economic Policy In Theory And Practice - Britain Within The European Community - Criminal Capital - Against Socialist Illusion - A Radical Argument - Fighting Against The Injustice Of The State And Globalization - Education Social Structure And Development - Women The Novel And Natural Philosophy 1660-1727 - Parenting Culture Studies - Mathematical Models In Biology - German Images Of The Self And The Other - Global Trends In Human Resource Management - Intimacy And Family In Early American Writing - The Autobiography Of An African Princess - Narrative Medicine - Conquering Unemployment The Case For Economic Growth - Handbook Of Commercial Banking - Financial Institutions And Markets In The Far East - Hugh Macdiarmid - Latin American Science Fiction - Close Calls - Louis Xiv And Europe - Nature Novel From Hardy To Lawrence - Soviet Women On The Frontline In The Second World War - Allies Apart - The Information Revolution In Military Affairs In Asia - The Industrialisation Of Soviet Russia 2 Soviet Collective Farm 1929-1930 - Male Homosexualities And World Religions - Public Opinion And Nuclear Weapons - Innovation Nation - Social Welfare Development In East Asia - Salman Rushdie And The Third World - Managing Opportunity Development In Business Networks - World Accumulation 1492-1789 - Anglo-american Hispanists And The Spanish Civil War - The Elephant In The Boardroom - Hamas Rule In Gaza - Blaise Pascal - Daring And Caution In Turkish Strategic Culture - The Public On The Public - Perception And Organization - Konfliktregelung Durch Europisierung - Enterprise Resource Planning - Our Man In Berlin - Womens Autobiography - A Critique Of Orthodox Economics - Radical Reform In Soviet Defence Policy - Making Of Symbolic Interactionism - Formal Matters In Contemporary Latino Poetry - England Through Colonial Eyes In Twentieth-century Fiction - Jacobean Drama - Ethical Banking - 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Czech-german Relations And The Politics Of Central Europe - The Humanistic Heritage - Digital Media And Society - The Political Economy Of Monetary Reform - Royal Economic Society Surveys Of Economic Theory - The Media And Hurricanes Katrina And Rita - Religion Defined And Explained - Keynes - Silence And Subject In Modern Literature - Rwanda Fast Forward - Heros Tale - The International Biotechnology Directory 1992 - Investigating Powell A Dance To The Music Of Time - Economic Transition In Hunan And Southern China - Thomas Hardy And Desire - The Multinational Enterprise - Fundamentals Of Music Processing - The Allied Intervention In Russia 1918-1920 - Building Sustainable Couples In International Relations - The Animal Research War - Global And Transnational History - Britains Onshore Oil Industry - Cp Snow - Chronic Illness Spirituality And Healing - Education And Emancipation In The Neoliberal Era - Jane Austens Philosophy Of The Virtues - Natural Resource Use And Global Change - Music Was Not Enough - 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Short History Of The Trades Union Congress - Romance Language And Education In Jane Austens Novels - A Hybrid Theory Of Metaphor - Thinking Medieval - Celebrating Katherine Mansfield - The Prism Of Race - Politeness Across Cultures - Causes Of The Present Inflation - Getting From Here To There - The Social Development Of Leadership And Knowledge - Studies In Political Economy - Issues In Upper Secondary Science Education - United States Policy Toward The Armenian Question And The Armenian Genocide - Agrarian Policies In Central America - Swift Joyce And The Flight From Home - Attack On Maritime Trade - Dark Humour And Social Satire In The Modern British Novel - Imperial Sunset - States And The Global System - Critical Psychiatry - Courage In The Twenty-first Century - One Company Diverse Workplaces - Captured The Animal Within Culture - Stance And Voice In Written Academic Genres - Who Decides What The Citizen Handbook - Anti-jacobins - Daydreams And The Function Of Fantasy - Labour In Crisis - Ireland And French Enlightenment 1700-1800 - The Art Of Contemporary English Culture - Financial Institutions And Markets In South-west Pacific - Knowledge Sharing Among Scientists - Managerialism - Victorian Keats - Siegfried Sassoon Scorched Glory - Pinter - The Korean Wave - The Explorer In English Fiction - The Touche Ross Tax Guide For The Self-employed - Kant And Sartre - Sovereignties - The Best Argument Against God - Desire And Gender In The Sonnet Tradition - Global Finance At Risk - The Garden City Utopia - Rebellious Conservatives - A Business And Labour History Of Britain - British Politics And European Elections 2004 - Ivory And The Aesthetics Of Modernity In Meiji Japan - Child Sponsorship - Christopher Caudwell - Maxwell Sutton And The Birth Of Color Photography - Faith Fallibility And The Virtue Of Anxiety - The Making Of A Post-keynesian Economist - Oswald Mosley And The New Party - Family And Economy In Modern Society - Deposit Guarantee Schemes - Human Rights And Free Trade In Mexico - 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Functional Mapping Of The Cerebral Cortex - Corporate Germany Between Globalization And Regional Place Dependence - Media Framing Of The Muslim World - Political Psychology - North American Critical Theory After Postmodernism - The Politics Of Emerging And Resurgent Infectious Diseases - The Golden Age Of Russian Literature And Thought - Resource Management And Contested Territories In East Asia - Pakistan Under Bhutto 19711977 - Sociometric Research Vol2 Data Analysis - Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud - Intimacy Transcendence And Psychology - The Forgotten Writings Of Bram Stoker - The Ethics Of Subjectivity - Arbeitsbedingter Stress In Callcentern - The Theory Of The Firm - W B Yeats A Critical Introduction - Practical Point-of-care Medical Ultrasound - Monetary Policy And The Onset Of The Great Depression - Edith Wharton - The Archaeology Of Anxiety - The Nouveau Roman - Korean Automotive Foreign Direct Investment In Europe - Resources And Applications Of Biotechnology - The Letters Of Mozart And His Family - International Money Game - The Palgrave Handbook Of Race And Ethnic Inequalities In Education - Money And The Economy - Mothers And King Baby - Das Hessische Vergabe- Und Tariftreuegesetz Verstehen Und Richtig Anwenden - Organizations As Knowledge Systems - Women And Gaming - The Child In British Literature - Harnessing And Guiding Social Capital For Rural Development - City Revolution - The Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia - The New Critique Of Ideology - From The Great Recession To Labour Market Recovery - Teaching Transformation - Are Markets Moral - Britain The Commonwealth And Europe - Munich - Black And Asian Athletes In British Sport And Society - Changing Japanese Business Economy And Society - Dense Image Correspondences For Computer Vision - Europe Confronts Terrorism - Public And Private Social Policy - Asian Energy Security - Localizing Global Finance - Russia And The World Trade Organization - Fantasy Film Post 911 - The Economics Of Crime And Law Enforcement - Special Topics In Mathematics For Computer Scientists - Kant Aesthetic - Manufacturing Servitization In The Asia-pacific - Luxury Brands In Emerging Markets - Political Equality In Transnational Democracy - Core-periphery Relations And Organization Studies - Twenty-first Century Fiction - Institutional Dynamics And The Evolution Of The Indian Economy - Late Postmodernism - Chinese Leadership - Religious Diversity In Chinese Thought - Art And Mind Of Shaw - The Genesis And Ethos Of The Market - Britain Liberal Empire 18971921 - High Victorian Culture - Obama Us Foreign Policy And The Dilemmas Of Intervention - The Meaning Of Conservatism - An Introduction To The Multinationals - The Hyperinvisible Fat Woman - A Handbook To English Romanticism - Chinese Migration To Europe - Journey To Lean - Humor Entertainment And Popular Culture During World War I - Talib Opec Trade Directory - Globalization Culture And Branding - The Hybrid Factory In Europe - Russian Theatre In The Age Of Modernism - The New Testament And The Literary Imagination - European Integration - The Nature Of History - The Unintended Consequences Of Social Action - An Introduction To Causal Analysis In Sociology - Social And Political Development In Post-reform China - Reading Victorian Fiction - Eurodollars And International Banking - Holy Warriors Infidels And Peacemakers In Africa - The Statesmans Year-book 1994-95 - Rethinking Evolutionary Psychology - The Cavaliers In Exile - Development Paths In Africa And China - Imagining The Black Female Body - The Grants Register 2000 - Macht Ohne Gewehrlufe - The Usa And The Middle East Since World War 2 - Ideal World Of Economics - Gendering Science Fiction Films - Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm - Broadway Boogie Woogie - Civil Society And Governance In China - The Expansion Of Elizabethan England - Education Creativity And Economic Empowerment In Africa - Foraminifera - Gender And Power In The Third Reich - Teaching Ecocriticism And Green Cultural Studies - Chaucers Women Nuns Wives And Amazons - Tolstoy On The Couch - Acquisition - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder And Related Diseases In Combat Veterans - The European Defence Initiative - Anzac Labour - Allies At Odds - Class Ethnicity And Democracy - The Isva Directory Of Members And Member Firms 19967 - Radical Feminism - Cosmos And Character In Paradise Lost - Chinese Literature And The Child - How Britain Works - Humanity And The Enemy - Power And Resistance In The New World Order - Rise And Fall Of Communism In Eastern Europe - An Introduction To The Greek Theatre - Core Executive And Europeanization In Central Europe - Judaism Without Jews - Inside The Eu Business Associations - Home And Family - Sensation And Sublimation In Charles Dickens - Macmillan Dictionary Of Films And Filmmakers - Theory Of Markets - Friends And Enemies In Organizations - Unity In Hardy Novels - The Labour Governments 194551 - Dickens And Romantic Psychology - Chirac France 198688 - Lyric Tragedy - Political Handbook Of The World 1997 - Von Rocknroll Bis Hip-hop - British Parliamentary Election Results 1885-1918 - The History Of The World - Intellectual Capital - Chile And Australia - New Labour And Thatcherism - Boswell Creative Gloom - The Image Of Women In Contemporary Soviet Fiction - Trade Investment And Competition In International Banking - Organization Of The Energy Industry - Near Threshold Computing - The Impacts Of Nafta On North America - The Victim In Criminal Law And Justice - The Russian Province After Communism - German Agriculture In Transition - The Addicted Offender - Europe And Money - Pulmonary Hypertension - Vested Outsourcing Second Edition - James Joyce - Performing Gender At Work - Love In Western Film And Television - Hadith As Scripture - The Contrary Forces Of Innovation - Union Revitalisation In Advanced Economies - Brand Romance - Britains Nuclear Arms Control Policy In The Context Of Anglo-american Relations 1957-68 - From Modernization To Modes Of Production - France In The Twentieth Century - Human Rights And Responsibilities In Britain And Ireland - Consistency And Viability Of Islamic Economic Systems And The Transition Process - 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Smes And New Technologies - Feminizing Venereal Disease - D H Lawrence Manuscripts - Limitations Of Military Power - Essays Presented To Professor Norman - Vocabulary Studies In First And Second Language Acquisition - Male Trouble Masculinity And The Performance Of Crisis - The Sovereignty Of The Law - A Comparative Political Economy Of Industrial Capitalism - Ideas And Welfare State Reform In Western Europe - Washington 101 - Horwath Book Of Tourism - Reassessing Lukashenka - Corporate Governance In The United Kingdom - Leadership Is A Matter Of Life And Death - The Legacy Of Punishment In International Law - Dialogue And Deviance - Promoting Microfinance - Tackling Inequality - Christian-muslim Dialogue In The Twentieth Century - Perspectives In British Historical Fiction Today - Hosni Mubarak And The Future Of Democracy In Egypt - Early Economic Writings 1867-90 - Accounting Control And Financial Strategy - Vico - Twentieth Century Germany - The Death Of The Past - Political Institutions And Issues In Britain - Uncoding The Digital - The "one China" Dilemma - Beyond Good Company - Russia As A Developing Society - Literature In The Public Service - Industrial Policy In Europe Japan And The Usa - Family Fictions - Roman Catholic Modernists Confront The Great War - Flight - Virginia Woolf And Fascism - Medieval Spain - Dh Lawrence The Thinker As Poet - The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas Of The First World War - The Eclipse Of Keynesianism - Studies In Religious Fundamentalism - The Road To The Dayton Accords - Licensing Censorship And Authorship In Early Modern England - The Theatre Of The Mind - Research Perspectives In Couple Therapy - An Introduction To The Study Of Sexuality - Urban Land Reform In China - Investment Beliefs - European Cohesion - Strategic Planning In Nationalised Industries - Shin Kanemaru And The Tragedy Of Japans Political System - European Union-united States Security Relations - Democracy And Authoritarianism In Indonesia And Malaysia - Theory And Management Of Collective Strategies In International Business - Calculating The Social - Instrumente Des Care Und Case Management Prozesses - Patterns Of Migration In Central Europe - Prisons 2000 - Start And The Future Of Deterrence - Transcendental History - The Work Connection - Keyness Lectures 1932-35 - The Influence Of Islamic Values On Management Practice - Late Antique Epistemology - The European Union And World Politics - The Formulation Of British Defense Policy Towards The Middle East 194856 - What Price Food - Integration And New Limits On Citizenship Rights - Victorian Fiction - Overcoming Religious Illiteracy - Muslim Moroccan Migrants In Europe - Housing Who Decides - Letters From Barcelona - Neighbourhoods Of Poverty - Transmedia Storytelling And The New Era Of Media Convergence In Higher Education - Infopreneurs - The European Marketplace - Japans Commercial Empire - Sustainable Diplomacy - Portraits And Views - The Chain Straighteners - Fixing Drugs - Soviet Economic Facts 191781 - The Cultural Impact Of Kanye West - Microvascular Decompression Surgery - 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